Section 8 Company Registrations also known as NGO Registrations

Section 8 Company Registration online

India is growing. We love the fact that entire world looks up to India. The richness of manpower, natural ingredients, cultural varieties are here. One can love the fact about India that it never ceases to dream. It has much potential. Few among the lots have been addressed by the elected governments for seventy years. Presently we are trying to catch up with the latest offering around the world and giving them back the best from our side. Here the companies which are assisting the Government to address the gaps and it is called Non-Profit organizations. Non-profit organizations are called section 8 company.

The activities of these section 8 companies

  • Section 8 company act has stated from 2013.They generally promote Commerce, Sports, good health, art, safety, science, religion, social welfare and environmental protection.

  • These section 8 companies only existed to assist or promote welfare for individuals or for the community.

  • The NGOs are trying to pacify the problems of society by teaching, delivering leaflets, turning the person from that community as a mouth speaker, having connections of the local administration and many more. The self-help groups are kind of NGOs and they are following the rule of section 8 company.

  • Ministry of corporate affairs, administrators are following the rule of section 8 company through ROC in all states of India.

How to apply for the section 8 company registration

  • You can apply for RUN Form (It’s for the name of the company)

  • You can apply for DSC. DSC means digital signature certificate.It is for signing the documents on behalf of the NGO.

  • You have to file an e-form on MCA portal

  • An authorized person will sign the digital documents as it is the safe and most secured documentation in recent days.

  • The document has to be attested by Company secretary, chartered accountant etc.

  • The regional director MCA will give approval and procession of DIN.

To become the registered section 8 companies, here are the following points

  • There have to be two directors to look after the section 8 company at apex level as well as the ground level observation.

  • They must keep two shareholders. There can be more than two also.

  • Directors and shareholders are the same people some time and sometimes they can be different.

  • The nationality of one of the directors has to be Indian, in two of them.

  • The capital has no hard and fast rule. It can be anything

  • The Income tax and PAN validity is a must

  • The proper address proof of the registered company with the proof of residence, passport Voter and also the other card is important.

You are about to change the current situation of the society or the individual. You are educating the minds since the age-old inhibitions. Technology is being used in this section 8 company presently to uplift the standard of the companies and its related members. This is again the foremost means to move ahead and form the possible best firm now. Try out this kind of registration and get the independence of the same.

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