How To Sell On Amazon?

how to sell on amazon

In today’s competitive market online selling is becoming most popular among sellers. As online selling is a great way to start a business. Amazon is the best platform to sell your products globally. Amazon market is the largest online market in the world, in this market all types of products are available. Anyone can become a seller on Amazon, whether it is a registered as a private limited company, one person company or proprietorship firm, there is no restriction on the legal identity of the seller. To become a seller on Amazon you have to follow the following steps:

Choose plan:

There are two types of plans available one is an Individual plan and the second is a professional plan. If you choose an individual plan you have to pay $0.99 every time you sell the product or item whereas in the case of a professional plan you have to pay $39.99 per month, irrespective of the number of items sold. Apart from this Amazon also collects referral charges or fees on each sale, the percentage of this depends upon the total transaction, which is varied by product category.

Selling strategies

In this, you have to choose your categories like whether you are a re-seller or brand owner. Lots of sellers choose both categories as their strategies on Amazon.


Resellers are the persons who purchase the products from either manufacturer or wholesaler and sell it on Amazon. They make research on the popular and trending products and make a nice offer to Amazon’s store.

Brand owners

hey are usually a manufacturer who manufacture their products under their brand name and private label and sell to the consumers under their own name.

You can choose any category which is suitable for you.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

After selecting your category, you can start selling your products. You can either use your customer account after making some modifications or you can create your new seller account with your business email id. for selling products.

Before creating the account, you have to make sure you have the following:

  • Amazon customer account or business email address
  • Government id proof
  • International credit card
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • Bank account where you can receive you selling amount of your product.

With today’s advanced technology you can also use your smartphone to track down your sale, shipment, order placement, customer’s queries, capture product photos, etc. without using any high-tech system.

Add Products On Amazon

You have to choose your product to sell on Amazon, every product has its different categories and some categories are open for all types of sellers whereas some categories are only for the professional seller account, some require approval and some cannot be sold by the third-party seller. 

 The listing of the products includes the following:

  • Product identifier (GSTIN, UPC, ISBN or EAN).
  • An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Product price, condition, quantity available, shipping option
  • Product name, category, brand, description and images
  • Keyword and search so that the buyer can find the product

Two Ways To Sell On Amazon


It means you can ship your products to amazon’s warehouse and when you sell the products amazon ship them for you. There are monthly inventory storages fees which are in addition to their monthly service fees. In this, Amazon takes care of all customer support and you don’t need to have any place to store your inventories or products.


It means to ship your product by yourself, which means you need your own storage house, as well as you, need to ship your products by yourself. Apart from this, you need to handle all customer services like their inquiries, issues related to your product although you don’t need to pay any extra storage fees to amazon.

Market Your Products

  • Attract customers

Once you go online for selling your products on Amazon there are many ways to attract your customer because it is very important to attract the customer to your products as the higher the sales higher the profit and if it is you are not able to sell it to a large number of customers it becomes impossible to earn profit. 


If you want to attract your customers you have to provide fast shipping services, and it can be done either by way of FBA or FBM. Customers like fast shipping services.


It is very important that customers must know about your offers and products and for that, you have to make advertisements so that it can reach large numbers of customers so that they can buy it.


The price of your product must be reasonable and competitive, if it meets those criteria only then you can survive and make a profit. 


Customers reviews are the most important part of selling products, as more the good review more the selling quantity. If your product has bad reviews, your selling point will get decreased. 

 By following all these steps, you can start selling your products on Amazon and make a profit and grow your business on a global scale. 

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