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How To Start E-Commerce Business In India? - RegisterExperts

How To Start E-Commerce Business In India?

start e commerce business in India

Before starting any business, it is very important to know everything about that business. In today’s time, it is not easy to start an e-commerce business, it requires many steps to start an e-commerce business. A good decision is required at every step and it should be at the right time and place. It is not just about taking some certificates but also having to look into different aspects of the business. There are many steps involved in starting an E-Commerce business.

Find A Product To Sell

  • Finding the product for sale is the first step, which the owner will sell directly to the consumers. In today’s competitive market it is not easy to choose a particular product to sell, the owner has to make every kind of research into this. It is very important to have the good and right knowledge of the demand and supply of that product, with the lack of this knowledge the business cannot get successful. 
  • Facts needed to be considered in this:

    1. The trend of the product
    2. Market demand and supply of that product
    3. What will be the cost?
    4. Area to explore with this product.
    5. What are the strategies to highlight the product and what are the opportunity in the market with this product? 
  • Once your product gets final, there is a question that arises now, how to sell it? It is difficult to sell any product to the consumers because it is hard to know about the choice of the consumers as well as it is not easy to pick the market and consumers. You will have to analyse and decide who is the final consumer of your product and make a proper sales plan.
  • Now if the product and market both get finals, now it’s time to purchase the goods from the manufacturer, or wholesaler. It is your choice from where you will purchase the goods, but before purchasing the goods two things should be kept in mind one and most important the quality of the goods and the second thing is the cost of the goods.

Market Research

  • At this stage, you have already found your product, market, cost, profit, now it’s time to research your competitor. You must know about your competitor thoroughly whether they are big enterprises or they are small enterprises. Because you have to prepare your platform according to your competitor so that you can earn profit and make your business long-lasting.
  • Now it’s time to end your research and make the business plan by preparing the blueprint of your business. It is always better to write your business idea so that you can follow each and every step in the right way. You have to prepare your roadmap so that you can follow it to achieve your goal.

Time To Register Your Business

  • Now it’s time to start the business and the first thing to do is to find the perfect name for the business. If the name is good and attractive to the customer it is easy to become the brand in the market. And once the name is selected you should check the domain is available or not as well as the trademark of that name. 
  • You can also register a company in the form of a private limited company or one person company for your business or you can run your business by registering a proprietorship firm. 
  • If the name gets final create your logo. The logo should be catchy and attractive so that it makes a good impression in the mind of your consumers. You may also register your logo and brand name so that no one can copy your brand name and logo.
  • Now create your website and store to sell your products. To make your website attractive and user-friendly use colourful photography of your products and try to describe your product in an easy way so that the consumer knows the benefits of the products. The price of the product should be reasonable and your payment gateway should provide secure payment services to your consumers so that you can gain their trust. 
  • After completion of all these steps now it is very important to do the marketing of your product and for that, it is very necessary to find the best marketing channel where you can make advertisement of your products. There are many channels that provide these services to the companies.

Time To Launch Your Business

  • Once your website or store is completed you can go to launch your product into the market. 
  • After launching the product, it is not easy to get customers at the very first stage. It is very hard to get the customers because for getting the customers it is important to get within reach of the customers and it can be done only by way of digital marketing and by increasing the traffic on your website. Generally, it takes around 3-5 months to increase the traffic on the website.
  •  To increase the number of customers it is essential to provide good services like delivery of goods on time, provide good quality and quantity of product at a reasonable price. If you maintain your services for selling your product then you can enjoy a good profit and good reputation in the market, which can take your business from small scale to large scale. 

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