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    What Is Digital Signature Certificate?

    Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic way to sign the documents. It is a secure digital key by which the holder of the DSC certifies the validation of the documents. In the modern world when everything is in electronic form the technology modifies the way to certify the document, earlier the people use their physical signature or thumb impression to sign and certify the document, but after this technology came the way of signing the documents has changed, now the people can sign their documents electronically. There are many government forms in which only digital signatures are required that means nobody can sign that forms physically or by their thumb impression. The Digital Signature Certificate contains all the relevant information of the person like his name, date of birth, PAN number, email id, phone number, address with pin code. The signature through DSC is equivalent to the physical signing and thumb impression.

    The Digital Signature Certificate has its legal validity under the Information Technology Act, 2000. The entire government department accepts this signature for validation. Nowadays digital signature is required everywhere like registering company whether it is Private limited company or One person company or section-8 company, etc. It is not only required to register the business but also required to file GST return, Income-tax return in case of a company, etc. and also use to register the brand name. It is also used for e-commerce, and to take government tender, etc. there are many usages of DSC because now everything is digitized and a digital signature is required to sign documents.

    Types Of Digital Signature Certificates

    SIGN: The DSC used only for signing the documents. This type of DSC used to sign the document like PDF also used to file the GST return, MCA filing, and other sites. Signing the documents means giving authentication to the documents.

    ENCRYPT: Encrypt DSC is used to give confidentiality to the documents by providing high security. It secures the message by using some techniques like coding so that no unauthorized person can use that message. It is used to file tenders, auctions, or e-commerce or online trading.

    SIGN & ENCRYPT: This type of DSC contains both the features that are used to sign the documents as well as encrypt the documents. It is used by those applicants who want to authenticate the documents by more confidentiality. This type of DSC is also used for filing government forms and applications.

    What Do You Get In Digital Signature Certificate

    Documents Required For Digital Signature Certificate


    PAN Card & Aadhaar Card


    Passport Size Photo


    Email Id & Phone Number

    Process Of Digital Signature

    Step 1 - Submit Documents

    You will have to submit the documents and information required.

    Step 2 - Verify Phone Number

    We will generate OTP for mobile verification so that the form can be submitted.

    Step 3 - Record Video

    After  the form is submitted the applicant has to complete the video verification and email verification.

    Step 4 - DSC Process Complete

    After the authority approves the verification DSC is ready to download in the e-pass USB token. We will download it and sent it to you by Speed Post.

    Let our experience be your guide 

    Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Online @ Rs 1499

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The validity of a digital signature depends upon the classification and price. Usually, the digital signature is valid for  1 year or 2 years but some certificates are also valid for 3 years but the 3-year certificate is always costlier than others. Once the validity is expired it can be re-applied and again it will be valid for the continuous period of 1 or 2 or 3 years respectively.

    The digital signatures are used to store the private key of the applicant and are used to sign the documents. It is used to authenticate the documents and records. It is used for sending and receiving digitally signed and encrypted mails or information. The digital signature is used to file Income-tax return, MCA filing, online trading, e-commerce, filing tender, auctions, etc. also used to sign the forms or documents.

    Digital Signature is issued to both individual and corporate-like private limited companies, LLP, firms, etc. it is used to certify, sign and authenticate the documents, returns, forms, etc. It is used to file Income tax returns and also used in MCA filing.

    Class 3 is the safest digital signature among all because of its high security. The main use of this digital signature is for filing tenders or auctions or for e-commerce or online trading where the high amount of transactions are involved.

    Epass 2003 auto token is a device like a pen drive containing a smart card chip, it is a USB crypto token with a high-performance smart chip. It is a password protected device used for the storage of private keys in a secure medium. The USB crypto token is used to connect the user computers through the USB interface.

    The Digital Signature is issued by the appropriate certifying authority for filling online application for the issue of CST related forms and waybill. Currently following are the authorized certifying authorities in India:

    • TCS
    • MTNL
    • Safescript
    • NIC (for government departments/undertakings only)
    • E-Mudhra
    • IDRBT
    • (n)Code solutions CA(GNFC)
    • Customs & Central Exercise

    Encryption means: It is a process where a sender of a message uses some technique to make his message secure so that only the recipient can understand and use that message. It provides document confidentiality. For Example, if there is a Mr X and he wants to send some kind of confidential information to Mr Y and he is afraid that if any third person gets this information he can misuse it so to avoid his fear he can convert this information in some kind of coding language which only Mr Y can decode and get that information. By this technique, Mr X can send his information to Mr Y without any fear of the third person. This process is known as encryption.

    Signing: Signing means to sign any document and give it the authentication that all the information contains is true and fair. It means that the applicant is accepting and giving his confirmation that all the information which is provided in the document is with my consent and it is best of my knowledge. Signing can be done physically or electronically. It also means that the applicant is agreeing with the points mention in the document or agreement or any other documents.

    Traditional Process For DSC Registration 
    • The very first step to obtain a DSC is to submit the required documents and information which is required for filing DSC application
    • The form will be filled and submitted along with all the relevant document and photo and the form will be sent to the applicant for a physical signature
    • The applicant has to paste his passport size photo and sign the form and send us a hard copy & soft copy of the form so that we can submit it to the authority
    • Along with that, the applicant has to make a video and do mobile verification. For that, a link will be sent on their mobile number for mobile verification and a link on mobile as well as email id for video verification. The applicant has to complete these verifications because without these verifications and form the DSC cannot be registered.
    • Once all the verification is done the download key of DSC will be generated and once it is generated we can download it in DSC tokens and after that, we will courier it to the applicant.
    Hybrid Process For DSC Registration
    • The very first step to obtain a DSC is to submit the required documents and information which is required for filing DSC application.
    • During the filing of an application, an OTP will be sent on a registered mobile number for the verification and if the OTP is not verified then the application form cannot be submitted.
    • Once the OTP is verified the documents will be uploaded along with the passport size photo and two links will be generated for verification.
    • The applicant has to complete the email verification and video verification. During the video verification, the applicant has to speak the given line and have to show the original copy of the PAN Card and Aadhar card during the verification.
    • In this process, the applicant does not need to send any physical form for submission. Only verifications are sufficient for DSC registration.
    • Once all the verification is done the download key for DSC will be generated and once it is generated we can download it in DSC tokens and after that, we will courier it to the applicant.

    There are many benefits of the digital signature and these are:

    • More reliable than the physical signature because of its high security.
    • No chance to do any forge signature by any third person.
    • Save time because there is no movement of physical documents. The person can get the forms via email and can send it after signing through email only.
    • No paper wastage so it is environment friendly. There is no need to take print of the forms to take the signature the applicant. Sign the e-form by this certificate and hence by this the papers can be saved.
    • It is globally accepted and it is legal. It gives confidence to everyone worldwide that the documents are signed by the write person because the digital signature contains all the relevant information of the person who is signing it so it is always easy to verify the signature.

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