Top LLP startups in India

The LLP format is certainly proving to be beneficial to start ups and so more and more people are using it as a jumping board to get their businesses off the ground. Here’s a list of some of some startups who managed to fly high with that LLP edge:

  1. KNOWLEDGE MEDIA VENTURZ LLP: Dedicated to working with the medical fraternity, this venture acts a platform to enable sharing of information between experts. The medical division for communication of KVM is ‘Awesome‘. This initiative actually specializes in conceptualization, development and delivery of high-end CME initiatives in digital, online, print and below the line formats. Over the last 3 years, they have emerged as a leading player regarding the delivery of high-end CME programs to Indian doctors while also having partnerships with major International Medical Associations.
  2. CHOCKRITI CHOCOLATES LLP: Chokriti is a chocolate company which uses only the finest international raw materials to make its end products. They are also vouched for by Ecole Chocolat with the chocolates qualifying for International Chocolate Awards (twice) and which were also featured at the Amsterdam Chocoa Festival of 2015. Their profile also States that the products are FSSAI and US FDA compliant with calorie counts per piece/bar. The authenticity shows up in the fact that they prefer to naturally extract different flavours from respective flowers or fruits instead of creating artificial ones.
  3. SIMPLICITY COMMUNICATIONS LLP: It is an advertising and branding company which believes in the mantras of simplicity and that of the formula- less is more. They have put forth designs for Snowcem paints, Singhad Institutes, SIM, Grover Zampa, Techtonic, K Education, 4 Degree and more.
  4. HEMANT SHAH AND ASSOCIATES LLP: It is a firm which offers chartered accountant services and aligns itself with professionalism, efficiency and Excellency. They also offer investment consultancy, evaluation of projects and services related to all types of business and corporate agreements. Additionally, they also specialize in providing end to end support for startups- proprietorship, partnership, LLPs and more. They have offices in 5 cities in India and serve clients across the world.
  5. ACCENTUATURE EDUTAINMENT LLP: It is a tutorial centre which offers various education services like providing tutorials for IELTS entrances, language classes for English conversation, teacher training, personality development, soft skill training, Motivation training, interview preparation, accent training, Voice training, body language training and much more. They are preferred and liked by their customers and clients.
  6. PENCIL POINT DESIGN LLP: They are a branding and designing consultancy with the focus on creating a lasting impact on their designs. They believe in the having deep and meaningful resonances in their clients and customers through their products. They have designed for Tec spa, Bioved, Hompath, Paninaro, AEHI (Advanced Eye Hospital and institution), UR Solar Solutions and lots more.

All the above-listed firms started as LLPs which were registered in the 2013 index. All of them are active as of now and have made significant progress in the span of nearly half a decade. So if anyone had any doubts regarding the sustainability of LLPs, this list will hopefully cause them to reconsider.

Assimilate the workforce with less liability and churn out success

Indian economy is flourishing. You want to become part of it. You want to pour your input in a little way. You are thinking of a business but the capital is pulling you back. The ideas are getting into the hole. You are applying for a loan but the approval has no time limit. So, the business got stuck in between. You are your own storyteller. The obstacles cannot pull you back. Start a business with LLP method. Apply the procedure and get permission for doing business on LLP registration. Your liability will be divided between partners and you can get your benefits as share. You are able to do business with less risk and more gain.

  • In India, you are applying for LLP registration. The LLP registration has come into the act on 2008. It acts by the Government of India. You are protected from personal liability, on the basis of their capital contribution. You are able to register your interest and get permission. The method of LLP registration will be like


  1. Check the availability of the name of the LLP after checking the availability of the name file the application for the name approval with RUN-LLP(Reserve Unique Name-Limited Liability Partnership) replacing the FORM-1. This is new changes made by the MCA effective as on 2nd October 2018. For now, we can apply only two names to one RUN-LLP application.
  2. The second step is to obtain DPIN/DIN and after obtaining the identification number the partners can incorporate the LLP but for this, you need to file different forms but now all the procedure get to sum up into one form FiLLiP(Form for Incorporation of LLP) replacing the Form-2. Now in this one form, three steps can be taken into one, i.e;
  3. Name Reservation
  4. Allotment of Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN/DIN)
  5. Incorporation of LLP
  6. You will need the digital signature from all-inclusive partners.
  7. You are permitted to collect the certificate of incorporation from the registrar of companies.
  8. Now you have to open a bank account after filing the LLP agreement


  • Now if you are scratching your head and getting lots of unwanted suggestions from the people or from your business partners, then it is time for you to make them understand the reasons behind your chosen LLP.

    Benefits of LLP Registration will be like

  • The numbers of LLPs have no limits. You can ask or gather as many members as possible so the risk factors went down
  • The LLP management is elastic in nature. You can easily maintain the internal method of LLP. Organizing the internal management of the company is quite tough.
  • You are free to collect and assimilate the funds from various places. The amount or the will of the partners have no rigidity. You can utilize the funds intelligently at any time during the business run. The main thing you have to take care of is the LLP act of 2008
  • To run the company you have to pay the Dividend Distribution Tax. LLP is not associated with this DDT.
  • The chain of work or management likes to apply the LLP in their workforce. There are many professionals who generally works with many layers of working professionals.LLP helps them to unite and divide the work pressure while the liability will be the same but less. The Doctors, engineers, CA, CS, Advocates, engineers are eager to register as LLP Company Registration.

The virtual business houses are more prone to get LLP from Ministry of Corporate registration. They are in different places and operating the business.LLP will solve the problem, but the business acumen in you will be verified.

You are willing to start a business. The capital, time, liabilities and the ideas are flowing in the market. The tapping method will take you to the satisfying position. The business houses are cutting down the workforce for one particular work and trying to recruit as many multi-tasker as possible for the large perspective of business. You are your own management if LLP is there to handle the internal matters.LLP is online CA for your company.

Want to know more about Partnerships?

Most of the people are interested in the business line and want work on their own. We have seen many partnership firms but the question here arises is what do you know about Partnership? I think the topic is understood, i.e. Partnership. So, in this article, I am going to talk about Partnership and the different types of Partnerships. Let’s begin then.

Starting with the topic, the first thing I am going to talk about is Partnership. Partnership is the collaboration of individuals or parties in order to become partners and run their collaborated work, business, institution etc. All the decisions of the business are taken by the partner altogether and they will bear all the profits and losses equally or according to their share in the company. Not only in business, is partnership seen in other fields too like schools, food chains, hospitals etc.

If we talk about Partnership, then we must emphasize on some of the points in order to make it a successful one. One must ponder over the points which I am going to mention below:

  1. Communication: One of the key factors of a successful partnership is effective communication. In order to discuss and take important business decisions is transparency in communication. It avoids mismanagements of views and opinions between partners.
  2. Focus on the result: Another important point in a successful partnership includes the focus on your goal. Everyone must know the goal of their company, efforts they’ve to put in for that and ultimately the result.
  3. Level of commitment: All the partners should show their full commitment to their work and the level of commitment decides the success of the partnership.

The points mentioned above must be kept in mind in order to have a successful partnership. Moving further from this, now I am going to talk about the last topic of this article that is the Types of Partnerships. In this section, I am going to talk about the three types of partnerships, namely, general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

  1. General partnerships: This type of partnership is within the general partners. The responsibilities of the company are equally divided between its partners and all of them are involved in its management. It is considered to be one of the most undesirable kinds of partnerships because of the reason that in a general partnership, if one the partner is sued then the liability will be held by all other partners too.
  2. Limited partnership: In this type of management there are both, general as well as limited partners. Unlike general partnership, the management and responsibility of company in a limited partnership is not divided equally but in a limited manner. It may involve investors for providing fund who are not up for partnership. You can register online for your company or business in a limited partnership. The registration fees may vary from site to site.
  3. Limited liability partnership (LLP): If we compare this type of partnership to others then we will get to know that LLP is a bit different kind of partnership in which all the partners of a company or business have limited liability. Here limited liability means that all the partners have their share of rules and responsibilities, errors, punishments etc. If any of the partners commits a mistake then all the other members will not be liable for that. Everyone has their own limited liability. Many people go for Limited liability partnership registration. You can do the LLP registration online as there are many websites offering company registration.

Concluding the topic I would like to tell you guys then you can register for any of the partnerships. My suggestion will be LLP registration as it will be beneficial for all the partners. You can register on sites which will give you limited liability partnership steps and limited liability partnership registration fees etc. This is my personal choice and you can opt for other options too. What are you waiting for? Go and get your registrations done now!

How LLP Registration Online is Making Easier to Startups.

How LLP Registration Online is Making Easier to Startups:

LLP implies Limited peril alliance and is addressed by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. Obliged Liability affiliation gives the upside of restricted danger to its proprietors and in the meantime requires unimportant upkeep. The authorities of a private kept affiliation have constrained risk to banks. If there should be an occasion of default, banks / charter can essentially offer affiliation’s central focuses and not particular resources of chairmen. A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an association in which a few or all accomplices (contingent upon the locale) have limited liabilities. It along these lines displays components of associations and companies

LLP is a business design that consolidates the adaptability of an organization and the benefits of limited obligation of an organization at a low consistence cost.

LLP has its own favorable position when contrasted with the customary organization and the Private Limited, as it picks the best of these two structures in a single strong suitable bundle.

It handles different difficulties that business person faces when utilizing a conventional association structure.

The primary focal point of any Startup is to keep the repeating cost at an absolute minimum but then run the organization with no hiccups, as one of the real expenses are identified with bookkeeping and consistency when contrasted with Pvt Ltd.

Why LLP?

For quite a while, a need has been felt to accommodate a business arrange that would join the adaptability of an organization and the upsides of constrained risk of an organization at a low consistence cost. The Limited Liability Partnership arrange is an option corporate business vehicle that gives the advantages of limited risk of an organization however permits its individuals the adaptability of sorting out their inside administration based on a commonly arrived understanding.

Advantages for LLP Registration

  1. No base capital commitment required

LLP could be framed with no base capital commitment rather than the Private Limited organizations’ necessity of Rs. 1 Lac. Indeed, even the commitments could be made in portions which makes the little business visionaries/new companies profit these advantages and produce ahead.

  1. Seclude legal component (Limited Liability)

The obligation of each accomplice is constrained to the degree of his/her commitment/share rather than the sole proprietorship or the customary organization firm where the individual resources of the proprietor or accomplices could be in danger in case of a disappointment of the business. Subsequently this mode encourages the accomplices to be free from individual liabilities or getting to be bankrupt (with the exception of in instances of misrepresentation by any accomplice). Its very protected contrasted with the boundless risk which offered by organization firm.

  1. Low Cost:

The cost of enrolling LLP is low when contrasted with the cost of fusing a private limited or an open limited organization.

  1. Separate Legal Entity

LLP has its different presence from its accomplices. LLP can sue and be sued in its own reality. Because of its status , the section and exit of the accomplices don’t influence the LLP. As it consolidates different stakeholders(i.e. Providers, Customers and so on.), it offers the adaptability while managing and marking legitimate contracts and in numerous different things.

  1. Tax Benefits

The Profit will be exhausted to the LLP independently and not to the Partners which dodges twofold tax collection issues.

Process for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

If you have business idea get it registered  with Limited Liability. LLP registration process is very simple with but it needs careful drafting of the incorporation points.  The LLP registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete your registration Form
  2. Prepare for DSC and DIN
  3. Name Approval
  4. Apply for digital signature certificate
  5. Submit documents
  6. Wait for final approval.

Required Documents for LLP Registration –

  1. ID Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Registered office

Done with LLP  Registration!!! Start Earning Money !!!

Congrats. Your LLP is currently effectively up and running. There are no more enrollment prerequisites or methodology required under the LLP Act.