Top LLP startups in India

top llp startups in India

The LLP format is certainly proving to be beneficial to start ups and so more and more people are using it as a jumping board to get their businesses off the ground. Here’s a list of some of some startups who managed to fly high with that LLP edge:

  1. KNOWLEDGE MEDIA VENTURZ LLP: Dedicated to working with the medical fraternity, this venture acts a platform to enable sharing of information between experts. The medical division for communication of KVM is ‘Awesome‘. This initiative actually specializes in conceptualization, development and delivery of high-end CME initiatives in digital, online, print and below the line formats. Over the last 3 years, they have emerged as a leading player regarding the delivery of high-end CME programs to Indian doctors while also having partnerships with major International Medical Associations.
  2. CHOCKRITI CHOCOLATES LLP: Chokriti is a chocolate company which uses only the finest international raw materials to make its end products. They are also vouched for by Ecole Chocolat with the chocolates qualifying for International Chocolate Awards (twice) and which were also featured at the Amsterdam Chocoa Festival of 2015. Their profile also States that the products are FSSAI and US FDA compliant with calorie counts per piece/bar. The authenticity shows up in the fact that they prefer to naturally extract different flavours from respective flowers or fruits instead of creating artificial ones.
  3. SIMPLICITY COMMUNICATIONS LLP: It is an advertising and branding company which believes in the mantras of simplicity and that of the formula- less is more. They have put forth designs for Snowcem paints, Singhad Institutes, SIM, Grover Zampa, Techtonic, K Education, 4 Degree and more.
  4. HEMANT SHAH AND ASSOCIATES LLP: It is a firm which offers chartered accountant services and aligns itself with professionalism, efficiency and Excellency. They also offer investment consultancy, evaluation of projects and services related to all types of business and corporate agreements. Additionally, they also specialize in providing end to end support for startups- proprietorship, partnership, LLPs and more. They have offices in 5 cities in India and serve clients across the world.
  5. ACCENTUATURE EDUTAINMENT LLP: It is a tutorial centre which offers various education services like providing tutorials for IELTS entrances, language classes for English conversation, teacher training, personality development, soft skill training, Motivation training, interview preparation, accent training, Voice training, body language training and much more. They are preferred and liked by their customers and clients.
  6. PENCIL POINT DESIGN LLP: They are a branding and designing consultancy with the focus on creating a lasting impact on their designs. They believe in the having deep and meaningful resonances in their clients and customers through their products. They have designed for Tec spa, Bioved, Hompath, Paninaro, AEHI (Advanced Eye Hospital and institution), UR Solar Solutions and lots more.

All the above-listed firms started as LLPs which were registered in the 2013 index. All of them are active as of now and have made significant progress in the span of nearly half a decade. So if anyone had any doubts regarding the sustainability of LLPs, this list will hopefully cause them to reconsider.




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