Company Registrar of India

Role of Registrar of Companies in Company Registration

What is Registrar of Companies?

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) assumes an essential part of encouraging and advancing business culture. No organization, under the Companies Act, 1956, can appear without the endorsement of the ROC. The enlistment centre gives the authentication of consolidation which, in law, is considered as indisputable confirmation of the presence of an organization. An organization, once conceived, can’t pass on unless its name is struck off the enlistment of organizations. The Registrar of Companies additionally confirms the Limited Liability Partnerships to the lawful prerequisites contained in the Companies Act, 2013.

Enlistment centre of Companies keeps up a registry of records concerning organizations which are enrolled with them and permits the overall population is getting to this data on an instalment of a stipulated charge. The Central Government jams authoritative control over the Registrar of Companies with the assistance of Regional Directors.

The Role of ROC in Company Registration

1. The ROC deals with the enlistment of an organization (likewise alluded to a fuse of the organization) in the nation.

2. It finishes control and detailing of organizations and their investors and executives and furthermore directs government revealing of a few issues which incorporate the yearly recording of various reports.

3. The Registrar of Companies assumes a basic part in cultivating and encouraging business culture.

4. Each organization in the nation requires the endorsement of the ROC to appear. The ROC gives fuse authentication which is the definitive proof of the presence of any organization. An organization, once fused, can’t stop unless the name of the organization is struck-off from the enlistment of organizations.

5. Among different capacities, it is qualified to take note of that the Registrar of Companies could likewise request supplementary data from any organization. It could look through its premises and grab the books of records with the earlier endorsement of the court.

6. Above all, the Registrar of Companies could likewise document an appeal to for ending up of an organization.

Role of ROC after Registration of company

There is no end to the Role of ROC and a company. For instance, a company might require changing its name, objectives or registered office. In every such instance, a company would have to intimate the ROC after completion of the formalities.

Why is ROC Important?

An organization is a counterfeit individual and has a presence which is free of its individuals and promoters. It likewise has certain properties. The MOA fundamentally characterizes these qualities like name, enlisted office, objects, risk, capital, and so forth. The items condition states why the organization exists and what it can do. The data is huge for people wishing to manage an organization. On the off chance that a man disregards these fundamental certainties, he does as such at his own particular risk. The organization can’t be held at risk for the unapproved demonstrations of its executives. Anybody can look for data about an organization from the ROC subsequent to paying the recommended expense.

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